MIC Ph.D. Student Admissions Policy

Welcome to apply for the postgraduate study of the MIC Laboratory of Tongji University

Application process

Applicants should submit the following materials:
1. Resume
2. Willingness to study and expectations
3. A copy of the foreign language proficiency certificate (such as: CET-4 and CET-6 scores, TOEFL scores or GRE/GMAT scores, etc.)
4. Other materials (such as: academic papers, publications or original work results that can reflect personal academic level, various awards or qualification certificates, etc.)
Send it to Professor Hanli Wang by email (hanliwang@tongji.edu.cn)

Applicants who pass the laboratory's resume evaluation and interview assessment will officially become a Ph.D.'s student admitted to the MIC laboratory.

Multimedia and Intelligent Computing Lab (MIC)